Speech and Swallow Therapy | ApoKOS Rehabilitation Centre
Timing:10 am -7 pm

Speech Swallow Therapy

Speech and swallow therapy is a rehabilitation procedure conducted by speech-language pathologists. This is a comprehensive treatment of cognition, voice, articulation, language, stuttering, and swallowing disorders. Such disorders can be caused due to varied reasons like:

  • Neurological conditions that arise from stroke, traumatic brain injury, parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Geriatric conditions like dementia, alzheimer’s disease, and overall internal weakness.
  • Paediatric conditions involving speech and language disorders.
  • Other specific speech and swallowing conditions like stuttering, voice disorder, articulation disorder, and swallowing disorder.

Doctors and counsellors attend to patients with such difficulties, diseases, and disorders, with the help of a well structured therapy that is roughly carried on for an hour per session. The rehabilitation process goes on for as long as required, according to the patients’ health conditions. The process involves different types of techniques for enabling the patients to recover timely. The techniques involved are:

  • Cognitive training for memory retention.
  • Language therapy.
  • Non-vocal communication therapy or computer-boosted speech mechanisms.
  • Swallowing examination, training, and therapy.
  • Voice training for speech improvement.
  • Training for fluency development.

Throughout the procedure of speech and swallow therapy, the patients are routinely trained and counselled by expert therapists, so that they attain as much independence as possible and can revert to normal social life.



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