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What is Medical Management?

Medical management is an essential wing of rehabilitation that oversees the recovery of patients battling critical illnesses and differently abled individuals suffering from trauma. It ensures that complete physical and mental care is received by patients at every step of their progress towards a normal and independent life.

Besides the plethora of rehabilitative measures adopted by our physiatrists to help patients overcome the debilitating impacts of illness, medical management – at its heart – is a service that commands genuine compassion and empathy on behalf of therapists to nurse the patients back to life. And ApoKOS Rehabilitation Hospital, given all the modern rehabilitative amenities, stands remarkably distinguished in its quality of care.

The Healing Touch

While medical intervention successfully curbs the disease and rehabilitation technology helps put patients back on their feet, it’s the tenderness and generosity offered through medical management that truly instils the spirit of life in them. At ApoKOS, our team of qualified doctors, intensivists, therapists and nurses are committed to the task of imparting healing through this unique blend of humanity and technology. Here’s an overview of practices that helps us stand out as the prime preference amongst patients when it comes to rehabilitation.

  1. Bowel and Bladder Training: Diseases like stroke and brain injuries severely impact the sphincter muscles controlling the bowel and bladder movements, leaving the patients with no control over their excretory system. In such a scenario, specially designed catheters are used to keep up with their failing excretory systems. The medical management team at ApoKOS caters to the needs of all its patients by assisting them in the use of catheters to help themselves lead a regular life.
  2. Tracheostomy Care: Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure performed on patients who face difficulty in breathing owing to physical or neurological injuries. In this process, a surgeon inserts a breathing tube into the trachea through a small opening at the bottom of the neck to facilitate breathing. Being a surgical procedure, it requires professional care to prevent chances of infection or physical displacement of the tube leading to injury. At ApoKOS, our medical management team is trained in offering complete care to tracheostomy patients, helping them deal with their situations in an efficient and hygienic manner.
  3. Dietary Assistance: Post-surgery, patients are required to adhere to a medicated diet for the sake of their health. Nutritionists at ApoKOS closely study every patient’s medical needs to lay out a diet plan that will suffice for their nutritional needs in the recovery phase.

Experience the ApoKOS Difference

Comprehensive rehabilitation, over the years, has emerged into a hopeful possibility for people impaired by the adversities of life. At ApoKOS, here’s how an encompassing team of trained rehabilitation experts are empowering patients to embrace life all over again.

  • INTENSIVIST – Intensivist is a certified physician who provides specialized care for critically ill patients.
  • PHYSIATRIST – Also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Physicians, they treat a wide variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.
  • PHYSIOTHERAPIST – The Physical Therapy team uses new-age therapeutic approaches such as Manual Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-education Techniques, Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Robotic Technology and Neuromuscular Pain Management with Electrotherapeutic Therapy to enhance recovery.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS – The Occupational Therapy team plays a crucial role in Functional Assessment and Training, Paediatric Hand Therapy, Neuro-developmental Techniques, Orthopaedic Hand Therapy including Full Dynamic and Static Splinting Services and ARMEO Robotic Training Program.
  • SPEECH THERAPISTS – They specialize in treatment of communication disorders, cognition, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders. They also participate in awareness programs for the family and survivors.
  • COGNITIVE AND BEHAVIOUR THERAPISTS – CBT focuses on personal development strategies and enhancement of analytical skills. They also help establish psychological harmony by perfecting behavioural and emotional disparity.



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