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Developmental Health Centers

0 to 3 Years Developmental Health Center ( D H C )

Dr. A Jagadish ,Neonate & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Neuro Developmental Disabilities ) from Hyderabad,India and Dr Meena Chintapalli Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician ,San Antonio,Texas,USA are developing Apollo based 0-3 Years Developmental Health Centers to optimize learning in all domains of learning ( Physical health, Social Emotional Learning, Language and Literacy, and Cognitive Learning),  holistic health and prevent many common Learning, Emotional and Neurodevelopmental Disorders like Autism Spectrum (ASD) and ADHD. This is a vision and mission-driven approach in early interventions based on the neuroscience research and evidence-based data, with 38+ years of experience,  to assure holistic health and optimize and extract the inherent potentials in early child developmental trajectory.  We believe that all children deserve to reach their highest potential, express their inherent talents, and be productive in society. Educare is root word for education that extracts inherent strengths with positive character development. Curriculum is designated as Educare Nurture Curriculum for Multi -Sensory Integration.  Health is “Physical, Intellectual, Psychological, Social - Emotional and Spiritual wellness”. Any gaps in the above mentioned domains of health leads to some or other health related disorders and we can prevent through education and optimize the early brain structural and functional pathways that are formed...
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Dr. A. Jagadish

Dr. A. Jagadish – Sr Consultant Neonate And Paediatric Early Interventionist

Dr. A. Jagadish - Sr Consultant  Neonate & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Neuro Developmental Disabilities) APOKOS 0- 3 YRS DEVELOPMENTAL HEALTH CENTRE (D H C ) & Sr.Visiting Consultant, Dept of Paediatrics, APOKOS Institute of Medical Sciences & Research ,Hyderabad Dr. A.Jagadish, is a reputed Sr.Visiting consultant Newborn & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Neuro Developmental Disabilities) at Dept of Paediatrics, APOKOS Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, APOKOS Health City ,Hyderabad. And also he is serving & coordinating  the National Health Mission (NHM) project,Govt of Telangana state . He is a certified Master Trainer in Autism Tools from Paed.Neurology , All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS ) ,New Delhi & certified Master Trainer in Early Intervention(Neuro Developmental Disabilities) and his speciality is  Neuro developmental Assessment,Planning and Early Intervention to Intra Uterine Growth Retardation  children at risk , high risk in 0 to 3 years age group in NICU & Neuro developmental followup. His  main areas of interest are Neuro Developmental disabilities , Neuro Muscular disorders and their Early therapeutic interventional Program. And he presented papers and posters at various International & National Conferences.And  also conducted ,moderated and coordinated various International and National conferences and Workshops  on ASD,ADHD,SLD etc He  is an...
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