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Developmental Health Centers

0 to 3 Years Developmental Health Center ( D H C )

Dr. A Jagadish ,Neonate & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Neuro Developmental Disabilities ) from Hyderabad,India and Dr Meena Chintapalli Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician ,San Antonio,Texas,USA are developing Apollo based 0-3 Years Developmental Health Centers to optimize learning in all domains of learning ( Physical health, Social Emotional Learning, Language and Literacy, and Cognitive Learning),  holistic health and prevent many common Learning, Emotional and Neurodevelopmental Disorders like Autism Spectrum (ASD) and ADHD. This is a vision and mission-driven approach in early interventions based on the neuroscience research and evidence-based data, with 38+ years of experience,  to assure holistic health and optimize and extract the inherent potentials in early child developmental trajectory.  We believe that all children deserve to reach their highest potential, express their inherent talents, and be productive in society. Educare is root word for education that extracts inherent strengths with positive character development. Curriculum is designated as Educare Nurture Curriculum for Multi -Sensory Integration.  Health is “Physical, Intellectual, Psychological, Social - Emotional and Spiritual wellness”. Any gaps in the above mentioned domains of health leads to some or other health related disorders and we can prevent through education and optimize the early brain structural and functional pathways that are formed...
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Spinal cord rehabilitation treatment with advanced method

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Any damage to the spinal cord can be detrimental for your health. It can result in considerable loss of different functions be it sensation, tone and power of muscles, bladder and bowel dysfunctions. Hence, it becomes necessary to ensure proper and timely treatment. This is because the usage of correct techniques for treating the patient can accelerate the recovery and result in a better outcome. With a robust, patient-centric rehab program, ensuring the successful transition of patients from the hospital to their routine life becomes easy. Specialists always recommend that a proper, well-tailored rehabilitation program is necessary for improving the patient’s life. Below mentioned are the benefits of rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients – Physical therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation program. It helps in facilitating the restoration of flexibility and muscle strength. The program also aids in improving mobility, coordination, maintaining body functions and early ambulation of the affected individual. Occupational therapy is also a vital aspect as it enable patients in getting back to an independent lifestyle. This therapy encourages patients in performing daily tasks like bathing, dressing, going to the toilet, transfer in and out of bed and using aids etc. Prevention...
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Cardiac Rehabilitation Enables You To Perform Daily Activities

Heart surgery or acute coronary syndromes are life-altering events which can have a severe impact on you. It affects both the physical and mental aspects of your life. And once you reach the recuperation stage after the treatment, you would certainly want to get back to regular life. However, resuming daily activities immediately after a serious cardiac problem can be a little difficult. This is because a number of other diseases and factors exist in a patient which determines the resumption of physical activities. These are - • Severity of the heart problem • Type of the treatment process • Age of the person affected Creating a guided rehab program by physiatrist can be easy if they are familiar with the patient’s history. They will also advise you to participate in certain monitored and graded physical activities which will enable easy recovery. Here are a few benefits as to how supervised cardiac rehabilitation Center makes physical activities simple for you – 1. While undergoing the rehab program, early resumption of daily activities becomes possible. Hence, the patient is able to return to professional and personal life in a short time as it lessens the total number of loss of productive...
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