Pediatric Rehabilitation Program | ApoKOS Rehabilitation Centre
Timing:10 am -7 pm


Receive effective rehabilitation services on a regular basis to help your child reintegrate into mainstream social life

Regain Playfulness . Develop Confidence . Gain Overall Strength.


Receive effective rehabilitation services on a regular basis
to help your child reintegrate into mainstream social life.

Regain Playfulness . Develop Confidence . Gain Overall Strength.

Abdinoor's reassuring recovery

Even at the age of 1 year 8 months, Abdinoor could not move around efficiently. He could crawl by only lying on his back. He was diagnosed with spastic infantile hemi-paresis, due to which he could not even sit up alone. Children require a loving, caring environment which is possible only with cooperation between therapists and parents. So, Abdinoor's first 20 days at ApoKOS was spent on educating and counselling his mother about therapies and care. Task oriented neuro-developmental therapies helped overcome his challenges. After 7 months, he was able to stand with minimum assistance.



Who is a candidate for Pediatric Rehabilitation ?

When children do not attain physical and mental development accordingly, as per their age,  it is called developmental delay. This can arise from genetics, or simply other complications. Paediatric rehabilitation procedures can help such children cope with the situational deficits. Effective rehabilitation includes physiotherapy, speech and swallowing therapy, occupational therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy, all of which are aimed at improving cognitive skills, speech abilities, balance and coordination of the children.

This is a condition in which children face problems focussing on and paying attention to regular activities. Causes of such a condition may be genetics, environment, or society. This is diagnosed through children’s behavioural traits since birth. Rehabilitation processes involving cognitive behavioural therapy, occupational therapy, sensory processing, physiotherapy, counselling, medication and diet control, are efficient methods of restoring paediatric health.

Toddlers with autism require special attention and rehabilitation to integrate themselves into the mainstream crowd, as they suffer from neurological disorders that affect the brain and its functional ability. Effective rehabilitation procedures like communicative and emotional counselling, speech and swallow therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and improved socialisation help treating such children in a systematic and compassionate manner. Every child is provided with a personalised treatment plan and diet chart to help them develop in the best possible way.

Such a condition in which the muscles weaken over time, resulting in a serious breakdown of skeletal muscles, requires urgent attention and systematic rehabilitation. Toddlers who suffer from this ailment are provided regular medication and nutrition along with rehabilitation facilities like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and swallow therapy, postural correction, core stabilisation and balancing exercises, and sensory processing, so that they regain their musculoskeletal independence.

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