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Get comprehensive rehabilitation services with the use of modern technology for regaining normal health condition after cardiac trauma.

Return to normal life . Regain Independence . Garner Confidence.


Get comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation services at our centre with the use of modern technology for regaining normal health condition after cardiac trauma.

Return to normal life . Regain Independence . Garner Confidence.

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Who is a candidate for Cardiac Rehabilitation?

After a cardiac surgery that involves installing a pacemaker, patients are kept under a controlled medical environment inside the ICU. They are closely monitored and there are numerous restrictions on their diet, movements and activities. After this period, however, initiatives must be taken to re-integrate them into the larger society and restore their previous way of life. Comprehensive rehabilitation procedures available to such patients involve physical exercises and training, monitoring diets according to specific health charts, and counselling to reduce stress. Following the proposed rehabilitation procedure, results in improved cardiac health conditions and helps patients revert to normalcy.

In this surgery, a valve in the heart is replaced by an artificial one, to retain the organ’s functional capability. In further serious situations, more than one valve may be replaced. Post-surgery rehabilitation programmes are essential for helping the patients regain confidence in themselves so that they can return to their previous independent lifestyles. Rehabilitation procedures involve physiotherapy, sitting up and slow walking, maintaining a healthy diet, and overall counselling. All these procedures, carried out effectively, will improve the health conditions of the patients and enable them to become independent once again.

In this situation, due to previous conditions of cardiac disease, the heart cannot pump enough blood to provide for the body’s requirements. This often results in shortness of breath, excessive lethargy, and swelling in the legs. Heart failures can be treated through effective rehabilitation procedures that involve medication, mild physical exercises, medically prescribed diets, and emotional counselling for keeping excitements and tensions away. A healthy lifestyle guidance is provided through rehabilitation procedures, leading to strong minds and independence among the patients.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a lung disease caused due to poor flow of air. Effective rehabilitation procedures help improve the health situations of those suffering from it. Rehabilitation procedures include physical exercising, following of strict diet charts, quitting smoking, going through counselling sessions that help deal with mental stress and boost confidence. All these processes lead to positive development of the mind and body, thereby helping the patients regain their independence.

This is a disease in which the lungs cease to develop, resulting in a smaller lung volume. Hence, the capacity of the lungs to pump air decreases.

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