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Comprehensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Restore your neurological health with advanced rehabilitation therapies.

Regain Strength. Revive mobility. Rediscover independence.


Restore your neurological health with all-encompassing brain injury rehabilitation therapies.

Gain confidence. Revive mobility. Regain independence.

Suman’s Recovery From Accident

Mr. Srinath talks about his brother’s (Suman) recovery from a grievous accident suffered in March 2018. Suman was rushed to Apollo Reach Hospital, Karimnagar, for treatment, but the impact had robbed him of his consciousness and exhibited limited physical abilities. He further underwent tracheostomy to normalize his breathing and was subsequently referred by the attending doctors to ApoKOS Rehabilitation to reinstate his motor and cognitive skills. Under the supervision of doctor K S Reddy at ApoKOS, Suman went from being completely bedridden and unable to breathe, to breathing and eating normally all over again. Mr. Srinath expresses his gratitude and admiration towards the doctors, therapists and support staff at ApoKOS for being instrumental in Suman’s miraculous recovery.



Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a sudden jolt, force or external trauma to the skull that results in a distortion of the brain inside the cranium. It is also called an intracranial injury. Based on the intensity of the affliction, traumatic brain injury is categorized into mild, moderate, or severe.

Thus, patients who have suffered trauma to the brain make for an ideal recipient of TBI rehabilitation.

Traumatic brain injury is a critical medical emergency that requires prompt medical intervention to avoid permanent disabilities and even death. Unlike other body cells, brain cells (neurons) do not regenerate upon destruction, making brain injury prognosis unpredictable. Thus, all brain injury patients must enroll in rehabilitation program at the earliest to regain their lost abilities.

Our comprehensive rehabilitation team at ApoKOS caters to every requirement for your health conditions. All the patients are under constant medical supervision of our doctors, who also specialise in tracheostomy care to mitigate all kinds of respiratory emergency that may arise during their stay. All nurses at ApoKOS are trained in providing hands-on-care to patients such as checking vitals, helping patients in performing independent CIC along with tracheostomy, ensuring patient hygiene and in demonstrating effective oral and written communication skills to develop a rapport with the patients. Following are reasons that helps ApoKOS standout in its league.

  • 64 bedded inpatient rehabilitation care
  • Advanced robotic rehabilitation facilities
  • Goal-oriented treatment plan
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Recovery under specialised doctors
  • Dedicated nursing care
  • Round-the-clock medical supervision
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Swallow Therapy
  • Robotics Technology
  • Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy
  •  Bladder and Bowel Training

Our therapists also make sure to educate patients and their families on further prevention of TBI, along with working towards their successful recovery. There are two major factors to remember:

Obeying traffic rules –
  • Wear seat belts
  • Wear helmets
  • Do not drive under the influence
Preventing falls –
  • Fit handrails in bathrooms
  • Fit handrails on both sides of staircases
  • Install brighter lights in bathrooms, corridors, and stairs
  • Floors and stairs must be clutter-free
  • Floors must be made of non-slippery construction material

We specialise in providing a wholesome rehabilitation program to all of our brain injury patients.