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Medical Management

Medical management is an investigatory procedure to ensure that proper medical care, both physical and mental, is provided to the patients who are disabled, injured, or are recovering from illness and trauma. This procedure involves coordinated care oriented towards the patients struggling to recover and return to normal social life. Medical management is more like a rehabilitative facility provided to patients who are on their way to gradual recovery. This facility has two major components:

  • Care Management – This is a situation in which the caretakers engage in maximum primary care to ensure the wellness of the patients.
  • Care Coordination – This involves organising and integrating the essential resources that are used to support the primary care system.

There are doctors and therapists who engage in structured care giving that helps patients gradually revert to their previously led normal lives as much as possible. Proper diet, exercise, training, and required therapeutic courses are provided to recuperating patients, so that they can function coherently.