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Developmental Health Clinic

Dr. Meena Chintapalli

Dr. Meena Chintapalli

Developmental Pediatrician


Dr. A. Jagadish

HOD & Sr Consultant Neonatal And Paediatric Early Interventionist

0 to 3 Years Developmental Health Clinic ( D H C )

Dr. A Jagadish ,Neonatal & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Neuro Developmental Disabilities ) from Hyderabad, India and Dr Meena Chintapalli Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician ,San Antonio,Texas,USA are developing ApoKOS based 0-3 Years Developmental Health Clinic to optimize learning in all domains of learning ( Physical health, Social Emotional Learning, Language and Literacy, and Cognitive Learning),  holistic health and prevent many common Learning, Emotional and Neuro developmental Disorders like Autism Spectrum (ASD) and ADHD. This is a vision and mission-driven approach in early interventions based on the neuroscience research and evidence-based data, with 38+ years of experience,  to assure holistic health and optimize and extract the inherent potentials in early child developmental trajectory.  We believe that all children deserve to reach their highest potential, express their inherent talents, and be productive in society. Educare is root word for education that extracts inherent strengths with positive character development. Curriculum is designated as Educare Nurture Curriculum for Multi -Sensory Integration. 

Health is “Physical, Intellectual, Psychological, Social – Emotional and Spiritual wellness”.

Any gaps in the above mentioned domains of health leads to some or other health related disorders and we can prevent through education and optimize the early brain structural and functional pathways that are formed for life time 0-3 years.

Every newborn is born with 100 billion cells that are ready to connect with the world through the early experiences from birth and these nerve pathways of experience are the primary networks structurally and functionally and are “hard wires” or permanent in life. There are many negative and positive forces and influences in the infant’s growing environment that can cause gaps in learning in all or any domain of health and learning. These gaps are not intentional but missed opportunities. Genes that are risk factors do not get expressed unless the environment triggers the risk genes to get expressed in majority of cases. Even in NICU extreme low birth weight infants we can optimize post discharge networks to optimize sensory integration and learning if there is Nurture and a curriculum.

Every newborn has an opportunity to connect well with world and give back something to the society. 90% of all this happens optimally in the first 3 years, another 10% by 5 years. This is an opportune time to learn how to integrate the senses through experiences that are intentionally delivered by adult caretakers to promote learning in a safe, secure, loving environment with nurture all through the day through routine activities.

We bring neuroscience into daily life application with good relationships and bonding. Positive parenting gives good experiences through five senses in a state of good bonding, relational responsive attachment. This assures good social, emotional learning, intellectual, linguistic and cognitive development with good lifetime outcomes and character. 

Understand the principles of sensory integration through teaching parents, give tools, curriculum, also support and help parents build strategies with available resources to optimize learning. 

Besides Environmental and Nutritional Epigenetics there are only 2 factors involved in the infant and toddler development 

  1. caregiver competencies   B. Environment in which the infant is growing 

Dr .A.Jagadish has been a certified Master Trainer in Autism Tools  & certified Master Trainer in Early Intervention (Neuro Developmental Disabilities) and  Neuro developmental Assessment,Planning and Early Intervention to IUGR  children at risk , high risk in 0 to 3 years age group in NICU .

 Dr. Chintapalli has been a master trainer who does training of the trainers for child development and following disorders. 

  1. Meena Chintapalli, Specialist from USA & Dr.A. Jagadish from Hyderabad will give following courses to Parents, Teachers, Medical students, Pediatricians, General doctors, Therapists, Primary Health Care Center providers. Would like to give training through Human and Health Resources of  IT Industries’ employee groups, Anganwadis , Asha workers . Language will be English and Train the Trainer to move education and offer services on site as soon as deviation from benchmark on developmental trajectory is noticed. ApoKOS has on site Therapists – ABA therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists.  All will be tracked on Electronic Medical Records and trajectory and follow up of growth is documented and tracked.


  • Medical consultations
  • Newborn & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Neuro Developmental Disabilities) Consultation & Intervention
  • Neuro Developmental Followup for Risk babies .
  • Universal Nurture curriculum (0-5 Years) and responsive dynamic parenting
  • Neuroplasticity 0-5 Years and best caregiving
  • Multi sensory Integration (MSI) Therapy
  • Positive Parenting
  • Paediatric Behavior disorders and their Therapy
  • Paediatric Speech Therapy
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy 
  • Paediatric  Physical Therapy 
  • Family Therapy 
  • Trauma focused cognitive behavior management (CBT)
  • Early Intervention Therapy for 

Autism spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Therapy for Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

  • Nutrition & Health Care
  • Seminars 
  • Workshops
  • Conferences 



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0 to 3 yrs Developmental Health Clinic (DHC)