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Traumatic Brain Injury – Types and Prevention

A sudden trauma, a strike or jolt to the head, can damage the brain in what we call a Traumatic Brain Injury. A TBI can be as mild as a concussion and as severe as a coma with later proving fatal in many instances.  Traumatic brain injuries can be broadly classified into three kinds based on the level of brain trauma sustained and symptoms experienced by the patient.

Three kinds of TBI based on severity

Mild, with concussions falling under this category, the patient may or may not lose consciousness for a few seconds or minutes. The symptoms suffered could include a headache, dizziness and vision problems.

Moderate, in which the patient can experience prolonged lethargy.

Severe, in which the patient often slips into the coma state. Severe TBI can result in fatality as well.

Preventing TBI

TBI affects the youth and the elderly the most because of their increased risk of falls and sustaining mishaps. Most instances of TBI are preventable by observing caution. While falls are the leading cause of TBI they are closely followed by road traffic accidents as the next cause.

Obey road traffic rules- Obeying traffic rules can bring down the instances of road traffic accidents and ergo instances of TBI.

Wear seat belt – Seat belts can keep you safe in case your motor vehicle meets with an accident.

Wear helmets – If you are a two-wheeler rider, ensure you wear a helmet as it can save your life and also decrease the severity of head injury sustained in the event of a road traffic accident. If you are someone who engages in sports such as cricket or polo, wear appropriate head protection gear while playing.

Never drive under the influence – Refrain from operating your vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs ensuring your own and other’s safety.

Preventing Falls

Fall cases in older adults can be prevented by adapting safety measures around their living space.

  • Fit handrails in bathrooms.
  • Install handrails on both sides of staircases.
  • Install brighter lights at the home.
  • Ensure the floor and stairs are clutter free.

TBI is one of the leading causes of mortality and disabilities in India. But most cases of TBI are preventable. Even in its treatment, the first 48 hours after the injury is crucial. The patient’s