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Testimonial: Priyam Goswami

Mrs. Goswami talks about her husband’s journey to recovery with ApoKOS Rehabilitation

Once in a while we are given a special gift– a gift that has meaning, a gift that cares, a gift that truly impacts one’s life. APOKOS Rehabilitation Hospital has been that gift to us.


A massive brain stroke in September 2016 reduced my husband to a faint shadow of his former self. His left side was totally paralysed making him almost completely immobile. He lost his speech and all his fine motor skills leaving him with little scope for communication. He was unable to swallow anything—solids or liquids,and continuous bouts of coughing often resulted in shortness of breath and increasing dependence on assisted oxygen. Physically, mentally and emotionally his condition was extremely fragile.


We soon realised that the facilities in the hospital in Guwahati where he was undergoing treatment were inadequate to deal with the situation. After many frantic enquiries we eventually zeroed down on APOKOS and that is where we brought him in an air ambulance at the end of November.


From the moment I set foot at APOKOS , I knew intuitively that I had come to the right place. Two months of my husband’s stay as an in patient and then as an out patient have proved me right. Now he is able to walk with support and carry out his daily activities with minimal help.


The hospital has a comprehensive , advanced and holistic rehab programme in place. In this age of micro specialisations where the treatment of a patient by different doctors often runs parallel, it was very reassuring to find that APOKOS has a sensitive and multidisciplinary approach towards its patients and that everyone involved–the doctors, the therapists, the nurses and the administrative staff — all collaboratively worked as a team.


In any hospital, the environment is an integral part of the healing process. The expertise of the professionals, combined with their genuine warmth and cheerful attitude has made our experience a very positive one. I would recommend APOKOS to anyone who requires rehab care.


Priyam Goswami
Guwahati, Assam.