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Testimonial: Cynthia Wakonyo

Cynthia Wakonyo talks about her journey to recovery with ApoKOS Rehabilitation


The images are still so very clear in my mind….The ambulances, the stretchers, the wheel chairs….. Yet, what could have been a horrible memory has turned out to be beautiful memories filled with so many lessons.

One year later, I can confirm that I made solid friendships in Hyderabad India.

Mumtaz, who never left my side and always had a smile regardless of the time of day. From my ‘nurse’ to my ‘sister’ who still sends me almost daily messages even enquiring whether I have had my dinner on that particular day.

Dr. Prabhatt Lakkireddi – my Doctor/Surgeon per excellence!! Every visit to your office was truly a ‘growth’ experience for me. Even before you operated you had already taken me on a step by step journey of what to expect. You were an encourager and cheer leader all the way. I loved the “Lakki scope” messages you would have on your white board. Truly, a brilliant mind.

On the 5th of June 2017 I finally had the knee replacement surgery. It was and continues to be a success story. The story of healing then began……..


The staff at Apollos Hospital in Hyderabad – kudos for health care at an amazing level.

Then Apokos happened….. Truly, indescribable… From Ashwini Srinivasan who took it upon herself to ensure that I was comfortable every single step of the way, to every single person I interacted with at this wonderful Physio Rehabilitation Centre.

Katylina… my Italian and ‘adopted’ Kenyan sister….so full of zest and passion…..your laughter will never be forgotten.

From the first day I totally fell in love with this place that I would call home for almost two weeks.

During the first session Supriya Andra (my Tower of Power) said to me that I would go back to Kenya seated in the plane with both knees bent in sitting position… At this time my operated knee could not even bend a little. True to form, I was on a KQ Flight two weeks later, seated just like the other passengers on the flight. Her statement seemed too far removed at the time she said it.


DrSheena K Fulwadwa (my Queen of the Jungle) always walked into the Physio room with a brilliant smile that was sometimes full of mystery and mischief. Your love for life was, and continues to be so infectious.

Sethana Selagumsetti (my shining light of Apokos) It is not easy for anyone who meets you to forget the shining light that came from your eyes even from the first meeting.

Zulbaab Mohammedi (Fragrance of Intrigue and Purpose) You are a person of few words. Yet, the power in those few words is something that I am not likely to ever forget.

Not to forget the taxi driver and money changer who took it upon themselves to look after their ‘Kenyan sister’…

Saturday 24th June 2017 marked my return to Kenya.

Today, being the one year eve of the surgery, I reminisce about that very beautiful season.

One year later I can still smile and thank God for the lessons learned all the way in Hyderabad India.

I salute my brothers and sisters who have become a part of my story and who gave me the name “African Diva”

This is from Nairobi, Kenya with love all the way to Hyderabad India.