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Spinal cord rehabilitation treatment with advanced method

Any damage to the spinal cord can be detrimental for your health. It can result in considerable loss of different functions be it sensation, tone and power of muscles, bladder and bowel dysfunctions. Hence, it becomes necessary to ensure proper and timely treatment. This is because the usage of correct techniques for treating the patient can accelerate the recovery and result in a better outcome.

With a robust, patient-centric rehab program, ensuring the successful transition of patients from the hospital to their routine life becomes easy. Specialists always recommend that a proper, well-tailored rehabilitation program is necessary for improving the patient’s life.

Below mentioned are the benefits of rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients

  • Physical therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation program. It helps in facilitating the restoration of flexibility and muscle strength. The program also aids in improving mobility, coordination, maintaining body functions and early ambulation of the affected individual.
  • Occupational therapy is also a vital aspect as it enable patients in getting back to an independent lifestyle. This therapy encourages patients in performing daily tasks like bathing, dressing, going to the toilet, transfer in and out of bed and using aids etc.
  • Prevention and management of the various complications like pressure sores , aspiration pneumonia , recurrent urinary tract infections can go a long way in improving the quality of life and life expectancy of Spinal cord injury patients.
  • Management of neurogenic bladder and bowel and sexual rehabilitation are essential for the patient to lead a content life and help him integrate in the society without any hesitation.

Rehabilitative care focuses in stabilizing the patient’s condition, facilitate his independence and returning back to his previous life after a spinal cord injury. The rehab team stresses on the importance of an integrated and comprehensive approach using the various treatments, and prevention strategies available in today’s world.

The EKSO GT Exoskeleton helps patients in regaining their lost skills so that they can lead an independent life.  It is a technologically advanced wearable bionic suit that improves the gait, mobility and movement aspects of the patients condition. The Exoskeleton is an essential part of ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital’s patient-centric program. With advance technology and integrated rehab services gaining independence after spinal cord injury and trauma becomes possible!

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