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The Role of Rehabilitation Experts in the Life of Spine Injury Patients

With a variety of treatment options, enabling spinal injury patients to regain their independence is possible. After the acute treatment phase, the comprehensive rehabilitation phase begins. The primary goal of this phase is to ensure that patients regain as much function as possible. It is important to note that patients face problem due to restricted range of motion. Maximizing their functional independence, thus, becomes of utmost importance. The rehabilitation plan includes –
• Helping patients in understanding the extent of their injuries and the creating a suitable rehabilitation program for them.
• Enabling patients in becoming independent so that they can perform everyday activities like eating, bathing, dressing, etc. with ease.
A comprehensive rehabilitation program comprises of a multidisciplinary approach. The team of rehab specialists creates therapies that help in preventing secondary complications and improves physical functioning. With the help of the following rehab experts, patients suffering from spinal cord injuries can improve their disabilities in several ways –
PhysicalTherapists – These experts work with the patient for improving mobility difficulties and functionality of lower extremity.
Rehabilitationnurses – The team of nurses help patients in dealing with issues of pressure ulcers, bed sores, bladder and bowel dysfunction.
Speech and Language Pathologists–These therapists address the difficulties of swallowing and communication.
Psychologists– They assist patients in dealing with the behavioral, emotional concerns. They also help patients in addressing possible cognitive dysfunctions.
Before going forth with the spine injury rehabilitation therapy, it is important to note it is an inclusive and integrated program. This primarily means that including family members and friends in the rehab program will enable effective and swift recovery for patients.
The physiatrists play a crucial role when it comes to the betterment of a patient’s health. These specialists are physicians who deal with aspects of rehabilitation and graded exercise programs. Helping patients in achieving independence is the main goal of these rehab specialists.
An ideal spine injury rehabilitation program helps the affected person in relearning daily living skills. Hence, it becomes imperative for specialists to help the survivors in coping with complications of their injury and condition.

Dr Anirudh Chirania