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Taking Care of Orthopedic Injuries & Trauma With Rehabilitation

Orthopedic trauma is not uncommon or unheard of! Be it a sports related injury or a slip and fall accident, such mishaps can put a halt to your regular activities. Even after being careful and taking precautionary methods for preventing injuries, you might end up getting hurt.

By responding appropriately to your injuries, you can get back to routine life, as early as possible. If the wounds and discomfort are serious, then opting for a comprehensive rehabilitation program might work wonders for you! Here are a few important points to keep in mind –

  • Too much exertion on the affected areas will only cause more discomfort. If you experience unnecessary muscle fatigue or throbbing in the injured area, then stop all activities and rest.
  • Compression on the affected areas of the body can also be helpful, at times. A light wrap in the form of tape or bandage will aid in preventing fluid accumulation.
  • Physiologists and therapists recommend moving around a little, once the swelling and pain has subsided. Their primary aim is to ensure that you return to daily activities with full range of motion.
  • Physical therapy is another important part of orthopedic rehabilitation. It comprises of exercises which improves your gait, balance and strength.

When an orthopedic injury starts bothering you and if the pain is unbearable, it is always better to seek medical help followed by rehabilitation. Specialists also help in choosing the right assistive devices like walker, cane or crutches which enable you to move around smoothly.

It is crucial to remember that orthopedic rehabilitative care goes a long way in helping you regain proper skills and movement. Whether it be torn muscles, hip replacement or spine injury, undergoing rehabilitation and therapy becomes mandatory. An intensive rehab program will help you in healing quickly and ensure that you get back to normal activities, without much pain.

Dr. Anirudh Chirania