Patient rehabilitation for cerebral attack | Apokos
Timing:10 am -7 pm

Rehabilitation for patients recovering from Cerebral attack

A cerebral attack is a serious form of stroke that leaves patients under the supervision of surgeons and physicians for months. However, when there is a will, there is a way. It is possible for patients to revert to their former independent lives with the support of a holistic and patient-centric stroke rehabilitation program.
Stroke rehabilitation after suffering a cerebral attack involves the following categories:
Speech and swallow therapy – This therapy helps regain smooth operation of language, chewing, and swallowing, which become sedated after a cerebral attack. This rehabilitation entails language therapy, voice training, fluency development training, swallowing examination, therapy and training.
Cognitive behavior therapy – This is conducted to reinstate proper behavioural techniques that are distorted post stroke. This therapy deals with cognitive disorders, communication disorders, psychological evaluation and treatment.
Occupational therapy – This is a rehabilitation process that helps improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination through occupational activities. The activities that are conducted by therapist are supported by functional electrical stimulation, robotic technology, wireless technology, and virtual reality.
Physiotherapy– This is a rehabilitation process that is conducted in the form of phases of physical exercises that help regain strength, mobility, and independent balance. Physiotherapy entails motor-skill exercises, mobility training, constraint-induced therapy, and range-of-motion therapy.
All these above methods of rehabilitation after a cerebral attack or a major stroke, enable recovering patients to gradually develop their mental confidence that further helps gain back confidence to live a healthy life and be as much independent as possible.
At ApoKOS rehabilitation hospital, senior doctors and expert therapists strive to provide the best therapeutic care for a speedy recovery and regained independence. Our comprehensive goal-oriented treatment ensures a smooth journey towards an improved and more independent lifestyle.