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Traumatic brain injury also called brain injury or head injury occurs when a blow or jolt to the head results in damage to the brain. TBIs range in severity from mild to severe. While medication and post-hospitalization rehabilitation are vital to ensure the maximum possible recovery of patients affected by TBI, safety guidelines are equally important to avoid further injury. You must keep in mind that once you’ve faced injury in the brain, you have to be doubly careful as the brain is one of the most delicate parts of your body.

The regular safety measures to be followed are:

Always wear a helmet while riding: Make sure that you wear well-padded helmets whenever you ride pillion. Two-wheelers are at a greater risk of skidding and falling. Fatal falls might result in a blow to your skull and lead to traumatic brain injuries. A helmet will protect you from these unnecessary injuries and a relapse of neurological conditions resulting from TBI.

Wear a seatbelt while sitting in the car: A seatbelt keeps you secure inside the car, should a situation of collision arise, especially if you are sitting in the front seat. Even minor blows to your head at this moment, right after the completion of post-TBI rehabilitation, may be fatal.

Get your eyes checked: A traumatic brain injury can lead to damage to the optic nerves and the areas around your eyes. After completion of the healthcare processes, visit an ophthalmologist to get your vision tested. If you feel that there is an irritation in your eyes or in the optic area, refrain from driving, crossing the roads, climbing stairs and using sharp objects. These might lead to fatal accidents and increase your health risks.

Fit handrails in your bathroom: After a traumatic brain injury, your body’s balancing skills are still not very well developed. You might, at times, lose balance and fall over. To avoid these situations, fit handrails in your bathroom. This will help you avoid a fall, especially when nobody is around to help you get up.

Don’t bathe in water that is too hot: Too much heat is not good for the brain cells. Moreover, since you have just recovered from a traumatic brain injury, you must be extra careful about the temperature of the water that you bathe in. Hot water can get the nerve endings and cells agitated, resulting in a relapse of the symptoms of mild or moderate TBI.

Don’t listen to loud music for long hours: High decibels are not good for the brain. After recovering from a TBI, you should give your brain some time to recover and rejuvenate itself. Loud music can damage the brain and lead to a state that might be beyond complete recovery.

Precautions after TBI rehabilitation must be followed to avoid further damage. Abide by the safety guidelines to help you keep up with the recovery process that is on its last leg now. To know more about TBI rehabilitation, visit