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How Emotional Support From Family Helps Rehabilitation Patients!

A sudden accident or injury can significantly affect a person’s life in different ways. Even serious issues like cardiac arrest or a bypass surgery can hinder your daily life and well being. In such situations, it is essential to ensure the best possible & swift recovery of the patient. With the help of rehabilitation and therapy, getting back to normal life becomes an easy prospect. And if these aspects are coupled with social and emotional support, then the recuperation process becomes simpler.

A vital point in terms of rehabilitation is what outcome family members should be expecting from that. A close family member’s ill health can affect the family in various ways and also put certain demands on them. This is why the incorporation of family sessions within rehab programs becomes important. Read the few pointers below as to how family members can help with early and better recuperation of patients.

Building Confidence – An accident or brain stroke can have a drastic impact on patients. It can leave them feeling severely depressed about their health condition. It is in times like these that you can boost their confidence with positive words and also by your active participation.
Noting the progress they make in these sessions is another vital point which you must remember. By working on the patient’s confidence and encouraging them during the rehab sessions, early progress in health can be possible.

Educating Oneself – The healing process for a patient depends on several factors. As a family member, you can educate yourself on certain factors. For instance, the patient’s recovery time from the ailment or injury along with the treatment procedures. Also important is paying attention to and learning about post-treatment care, rehabilitation goals, etc.

Aspect of Cognitive Therapy – Addressing the emotional aspects of a therapy primary depends on the patient’s response to them. The patient’s family can partake in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions and understand the entire procedure.
A patient’s impairment and disability can be better explained with coping strategies, their mood and stress handling levels. Family members, with their positive words can help patients in recognizing and recovering from their symptoms.

Eventual care and recovery primarily depends on the emotional support of family members. As rehabilitation for stroke or spine injury is a gradual procedure, being patient is quite essential. Being in touch with the rehab practitioners and doctors will be optimal as this will help in tracking the patient’s progress.

With the in-patient rehabilitation program and physiotherapy from ApoKos, moving towards the recovery goal becomes simpler. But the whole process gets a happy and healthy touch with the emotional support provided by family!

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Cardiac Rehabilitation for a Healthier & Happier Life!

Opting for cardiac rehabilitation is extremely beneficial for heart patients. Serious heart conditions like a bypass surgery, stenting or a sudden attack can be quite frightening. And they can have certain long-term effects, as well. With an effective treatment such as cardiac rehab, you can improve the quality of your life without facing any disabilities.

Such treatment plans bring a positive change in your daily routine and habits. It further helps in improving the physical, social, vocational and emotional aspects of your life. Read on to find the many benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation which will help you stay healthy and fit –

  • Reduction in Cholesterol Levels – With proper treatment solutions, you will notice a significant reduction if Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL Cholesterol. Cardiac Rehab procedures also include a dedicated exercise routine which helps in increasing the High Density Lipoprotein or HDL Cholesterol.
    With a proper exercise program couple with a healthy diet, managing your weight becomes easier along with regulating blood sugar levels. These positive factors further assist in maintaining your blood pressure.
  • Change in Health Habits – Regular therapies and sessions efficiently reduce cardiac mortality rate. Daily workout regimes for cardiac patients help in improving and increasing your tolerance for aerobic exercises.
    If you have undergone Angioplasty or a surgery, with rehabilitation there will no further requirement of hospitalization. Along with improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, you will also benefit with significant weight loss and lesser stress.
  • Progress in Symptoms – A medically supervised cardiac rehab program prevents symptoms of cardiac arrest or heart failure in patients. It also improves the aspects of myocardial perfusion and myocardial blood flow in patients.

It is now easier to improve your cardiovascular fitness by increasing your daily exercise routine. Such factors will also result in the delayed onset or progression of heart disease symptoms.

Several heart patients opt for cardiac rehabilitation immediately after their discharge as it makes them independent of their disabilities. With a personalized rehab program, you can become physically fit in no time! You can finally be free from the fears cardiac arrest or other such problems.

And an amazing fact is that cardiac rehab exercises can decrease depression and anxiety in patients, as well. Such results are more noticeable when the rehab routine is combined with psychological counseling and stress management sessions.

At ApoKos Rehabilitation, you can turn your life around with a personalized and holistically administered Cardiac Rehab program. Benefit with a tailor made program comprising of thorough assessment of a patient’s co-morbidities and exercise capability.

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