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Life after stroke with Physiotherapy

A stroke is the sudden death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen, caused by blockage of blood flow of an artery to the brain. After a stroke life for a patient becomes very complex. Life after stroke comes with its own set of complexities.

They have long-term difficulties with walking, getting out of a chair, climbing stairs. To deal with life after stroke, the patient is usually prescribed physical therapy.

However, stroke physiotherapy must begin as early as possible. Based on many studies, patients who began stroke physiotherapy right after a short time of their stroke recovered faster and got back to their independent life sooner. The goal of post-stroke physiotherapy is to lead life on one’s own terms.

So, how is life after stroke with physiotherapy?

Let’s find out.

Usually, a rehabilitation facility will assess the patient’s condition and then schedule a customised program for rehabilitation. Stroke physiotherapy differs for each patient. Usually, life after stroke with physiotherapy means to relearn old skills.

A stroke physiotherapy program may not be able to totally reverse the effects of your stroke, but it can help you regain your independence and recover some of what was lost.

A stroke can lead to weakness or loss of sensation on one side of the body, making it difficult for patients to move his/her limbs. The balance and the posture of the patients are also compromised, and that is why, along with medical intervention, therapeutic help is also necessary.

Here are a few ways how stroke physiotherapy helps patients recover from the impacts of stroke:

  • Post stroke, physiotherapy enables patients to regain motor skills.
  • Stroke physiotherapy addresses coordination challenges a patient maybe facing.
  • It is also effective in enhancing upper body function.

After a stroke, life for a patient changes manifold. It is a very emotional and trying time for the patient along with the family. At this stage, stroke physiotherapy works wonders and it has been found out in many studies that it acts as a stimulating factor in undoing the adverse outcomes of stroke.

Post a life-altering setback like stroke, patients wish to return to normal life at the earliest. And stroke physiotherapy, with its various rehabilitative approaches, is a determining tool in helping them regain their independence