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Why In-Patient Rehabilitative Care Wins Over Home Care!

The term rehabilitation can have varied connotations for different people. However, the one constant thing about rehabilitative care is that it is essential for patients who have suffered grave injuries. It is also vital for those patients who are having difficulty in regaining their independence in daily activities.
The primary motive of rehab program is to ensure the optimal recovery of patients who have recently undergone a surgery or stroke attack. Hence, opting for the right method of rehabilitation becomes a crucial decision for the caregivers.
Appropriate rehabilitative care can be provided in a proper facility with the right equipment or it can be given to patients as home-based care, as well. It is important to remember that the outcomes may vary depending on the facilities provided at each setting.
Understanding the vital points
Services offered at assisted living facilities or nursing homes differ vastly from those provided at post acute care inpatient rehabilitation hospital. The latter has certain advantages over home-care based facilities because of the following reasons.
• The rehabilitation team ensures the provision of a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to services.
• Specialty nursing staff form an essential part of the rehab team and guarantee the patient’s overall well-being.
• Cutting edge technology in terms of equipment, therapy gyms, rehab technology and facilities provide an added edge to acute rehab services.
• Rehab physiatrists and physicians ensure frequent visits and assess their overall health condition on regular basis.
The maximum hours of therapy provided in a single day are crucial points as this defines intensive rehabilitation. In-patient rehab primarily means that the patient is admitted in the rehabilitation hospital and will be released only after they have attained satisfactory results.
In-patient rehab and its positives
Another interesting aspect of In-patient care over home-care is that the rehabilitation team arranges regular meetings with the patient and other caregivers. Such meetings are attended by the patient and their family along with a therapist, rehab doctor and nurses.
These conferences or meetings are necessary as it keeps everyone updated on the patient’s condition. Complete analysis regarding the progress is also done and it is coordinated with their discharge plans.
Another interesting factor is that rehabilitation hospitals require at least 3-4 hours of physical therapy, occupations therapy and speech therapy. These therapies span over a minimum of 5-6 days per week. However, at nursing homes or home-based facilities, there is no such limit.

At ApoKOS Rehabilitation Hospital, the specialists understand the requirement of providing cost-effective, safe and quality service to all patients. Be it for spinal cord or brain injury, rheumatological and cardiac disorders, the rehab doctors will be at the patient’s service throughout. It is in this respect that In-Patient services hold a greater advantage upon home-based rehab care since the rehab team is constantly available and assessing the patient’s condition, throughout!

Dr Anirudh Chirania