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Importance of Postoperative Care

Advancement in medical sciences has opened new doors in the field of surgery, wherein critical ailments that, back in time bore fatal consequences, can be resolved today through intricate surgical techniques.

Despite surgical remedies gaining prominence among medical practitioners, it continues to remain in the heart and minds of patients as a perilous approach in treating their respective conditions. While surgeries do carry that extra risk of things going downhill, with an able surgeon presiding the task and deft post-operative care, it is possible to maximize the benefits of surgeries in helping patients recover from several critical diseases.

Post-operative care is an important part of any surgery, and it’s advisable to plan on your post-operative rehabilitation before going into the surgery. It is recommended that you consult your doctor and physiotherapist to understand what your life after surgery will look like, so that you are both mentally and physically prepared for the road ahead. The recovery process post-surgery could look different for different individuals, and hence, consulting a rehabilitation professional to establish a proper post-operative care plan will help you recover faster.

Major surgeries like total knee replacement, total hip replacement and brain surgeries leave patients with limited physical and cognitive abilities. Trained rehabilitation professionals work closely with patients to reinstate their physical abilities, coordination and balance via a wide range of therapies. All these critical surgeries entail prolonged hospitalization, leaving patients with impaired social skills. Postoperative rehabilitation is highly effective in helping patients regain their strength while guiding them back to regular life. It also plays a key role in pain management and care coordination in an hygienic environment that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible at home.

Following are some of the advantages of post-operative care in a certified rehabilitation facility:

  • Helps regain full mobility at the earliest.
  • Ensures that you regain control over your posture, balance and coordination.
  • Assists in pain management.
  • Reduces risk of contracting post-operative pulmonary complications (PCCs) and other infections.

Opting for post-operative care in a certified and state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre like ApoKOS, which is India’s first complete and integrated rehabilitation centre for neurological and orthopaedic patients, is the best decision you can make to start the new chapter of your life after surgery. The post-operative care available at ApoKOS through highly trained medical professionals, cutting-edge technology and world-class infrastructure is sure to help you back to your daily routine in the most efficient and effective way possible.