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How to prevent a stroke?

Stroke is a situation in which the quantity of blood flow to the brain is distorted, which results in the death of brain cells. To work towards prevention of stroke, one must keep in mind its causes and risk factors.

  • Diet: To keep the brain active and functional, a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals, and fibre is required. A good balance of all the nutrients, taken in on a regular basis, keeps the brain and body fit.
  • Exercise: Healthy food might be one of the most important aspects of good health, but it is not the sole aspect. Exercise is vital to the maintenance of a healthy body and physique. Physical movement allows the food to be digested in a systematic pattern. This further enables the brain cells to function. After all, the brain and the body are connected, and the cells keep live going.
  • Alcohol: Overdose of alcohol is a slow killer. Alcohol, if consumed more than the prescribed limit, leads to damage to the liver and an increase in blood pressure. This leads to an abnormal rush of blood in the brain, which results in the death of brain cells.
  • Smoking: One of the greatest threats to positive health is smoking. The smoke from the cigarettes clogs the lungs and heart, which negatively affects the blood flow to the brain and throughout the body. This results in a disruption of the supply of blood to the brain cells that are vital for the functioning of the organ.

Apart from these lifestyle alterations that are helpful in deterring the process of cell degeneration, it is also important to know the appropriate actions to help someone who might be about to get a stroke attack. During these moments, act FAST. This word is an abbreviation made from the core symptoms that must be looked into. This helps understand better and call an ambulance immediately after the symptoms are experienced.

  • F (Face) – Check whether one side of the face is drooping when the suspected victim smiles or talks.
  • A (Arms) – Try to lift the arms of the victim and see whether they there’s weakness resulting in them drifting back.
  • S (Speech) – Take note of the fact that speech is likely to be slurred and incomprehensible during an attack.
  • T (Time) – It is extremely important to keep a tab on the time, which plays a vital role in determining the scope of recovery. Call an ambulance as soon as possible, to save the patient from further damage.

In contrast to popular belief, stroke is an ailment that can be prevented if a healthy lifestyle is followed along with a good knowledge of its causes, symptoms, treatment, and rehabilitation facilities. Stay healthy by following the basic health tips and knowing the basics!