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How does physiotherapy help in rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy rehabilitation, also known as physical therapy or physical rehabilitation, is a scientific approach to treating diseases, injuries and deformities through physical treatments such as heat treatments, targeted exercises, counselling and other medicated therapies. This form of treatment is becoming more and more popular as, unlike drugs or surgery, it bears no adverse impact on your body. In fact, physiotherapy rehabilitation is recommended for patients recovering from joint pains, traumas and intensive surgeries to help them attain complete recovery.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation can be availed by people of all age groups. It is effective in pain management, recovering faster from injuries and surgeries and help cope better with long-term conditions like COPD. It also plays a crucial role in preparing for physically strenuous activities like childbirth or running a marathon.

It’s practiced by a trained physiotherapist who works closely with patients in understanding their chief complaints and accordingly come up with a rehabilitation plan that caters to their needs in the most effective way possible. Based on the patient’s past medical history and present physical condition, a physiotherapist can design customised physical rehabilitation plan for the individual to help them regain complete physical functionality.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation may involve hands-on treatments by the physical therapist as well as specific exercises that the professional may suggest one to practice at home in order to hasten the process of recovery and reinstate hindered movements.

Physical therapy includes a wide variety of treatments and exercises. These may vary from person to person depending on their condition, medical history and recovery goals. While exercise form a major part of the rehab physiotherapy process, hot and cold treatments, hydrotherapy etc that are performed by the physiotherapist, helps regain one’s strength and independence at the earliest.

Following are a few types of rehab physiotherapy that have been proven to be very effective:

  • Orthopaedic rehab physiotherapy
    Orthopaedic physical rehabilitation is used for various conditions, including arthritis, sprains, strains, fractures, and back, neck, spinal and joint deformities and injuries.
  • Respiratory rehab physiotherapy
    Physical therapy can help you learn how to cope with your respiratory condition and minimize the symptoms and can even help avoid frequent episodes.
  • Cardiovascular rehab physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy rehabilitation is an effective way to help a patient deal with chronic heart disease and recover post a heart attack or cardiac surgery.
  • Neurological rehab physiotherapy
    Loss of function due to damage done to the brain or your nervous system due to an illness such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, or an injury, can be worked on with the help of physiotherapy rehabilitation.
  • Geriatric rehab physiotherapy
    A trained physiotherapist can help elderly people in improving their motor skills, balance and coordination to help them live their life to the fullest.
  • Physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy is a science that has benefited millions, and if harnessed properly, can be the key to a better life for those suffering from long-term and critical diseases. Rehabilitation experts at ApoKOS provide world-class rehab physiotherapy backed by advanced robotic technology, helping people reimagine normal lives post major health setbacks.