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Technology Enabled Paths – EKSO GT in Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitation post the acute episode could be a long process and traditional methods, though effective, may not be the most efficient always. They could be intensive in terms of time and human resources. In such a scenario the advent of modern technology has eased these concerns to considerable extent. They have widened the scope of the process by inducing efficiency and added reliability and in the case of thousands of patients have pushed the boundaries of expected results. Therefore, within a very short span of time technology enabled rehabilitation tools such as robotics and virtual reality have become an integral part of the rehabilitation process. One such tool is EKSO GTTM.

Ekso GT  is a wearable bionic suit that helps individuals with any level of lower extremity weakness or paralysis, including those with complete spinal cord injury, to stand up and walk with a natural fully weight bearing gait. The robotic exoskeleton is a comprehensive rehabilitation tool and is primarily employed to help the patient relearn correct step and weight shift patterns. The battery powered motors drive the legs which initiate the steps once the patient shifts their weight or when the sensors are activated. The tool is designed to mimic the natural physiological and bio-mechanical gait pattern to enable the patient to relearn the correct step patterns.

Suitable for

The Esko can be a very effective rehabilitation tool for patients with various levels of paralysis due to neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury or disease, traumatic brain injury and more.It can prove effective in the rehabilitation process of:

  • Stroke patients
  • Complete SCI patients – Up to C7
  • Incomplete SCI patients
  • Patients with other Neurological Conditions – Lower extremity weakness, paralysis or hemiparesis

Benefits of Ekso GT

One of the main advantages of Ekso is that it is fully adjustable to each patient’s specific needs. Based on the patient progression walking aids such as crutches, walking frame, arm slings and a walking cane are also introduced at different stages of the process.

  • Accelerates rehabilitation process and is an
    efficient and reliable assistive tool.
  • Increased patient safety
  • Improved individual patient progression.
  • Improved quality of gait training as a more
    natural gait pattern is encouraged.
  • Patients are able to stand and walk earlier in the rehabilitation
    process in a wide range of conditions.


ApoKOS is committed to harnessing technological advancements to provide our patients with the best post acut care and rehabilitation. Therefore we are equipped with some of the most revolutionary technologies in the world, which includes EKSO GTTM, and we make them available to our patients to accelerate their rehabilitation process and give them the best possible chances at getting back to an independent life.

Dr Anirudh Chirania