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Treatment Aspects of Cardiac Rehabilitation

The primary aim of rehabilitation is to ensure that you gain back your life and freedom of movement. When a cardiovascular disorder occurs, it affects you mentally and physically. An individualized cardiac rehabilitation program helps in improving your health and also prevents future cardiac events like stroke, myocardial infarction or heart attack.

Such optimal rehab therapy programs further aid patients in recovering from interventional and surgical procedures. Before going forward with the rehab program, it is essential to understand what the treatment goals include along with their effectiveness.

  1. The long-term goals include the identification and treatment of cardiac risk factors.
  2. The short-term goals include restoring a patient’s cardiac health and helping them regain their independence.

The rehabilitation program begins with a thorough medical evaluation. Creating a comprehensive program, suited to a patient’s requirement is the primary aim of rehab specialists. Supervised and graded exercise is another integral part of cardiac therapy. Rehab specialists also have to educate patients about controlling the risk factors through lifestyle changes.

Here are some positive ways in which the treatment aspects of cardiac rehabilitation can improve the quality of life:

  • Physical activities – Rehab specialists will recommend certain exercises like walking, jogging or cycling. Endurance activities are also part of the rehab program along with strength training. Such physical activities will help in increasing and enhancing your fitn The rehabilitation team will also ensure that you perform the exercises at a safe and comfortable pace.
  • Changes in lifestyle – The rehab team will guide you in making the requisite lifestyle changes for you to lead a healthy and hearty life. Getting rid of unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and maintaining a healthy weight are essential aspects of the treatment. Patients will also learn about managing fatigue and pain with an integrated therapy program.

Altering the risk factors of cardio vascular events, ensuring physical improvement, providing psychological support to patients are important parts of rehabilitative care. By implementing these treatment aspects in cardiac rehabilitation, ensuring the patient’s functional independence becomes a simple task.