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Understanding the Acute Phase of a Cardiac Rehab Program

An intensive and structured cardiac rehabilitation program always helps patients in regaining optimal fitness. These programs become essential especially after a patient suffers from a heart attack or other cardiac problems. The team of therapists will help in improving your functional disability along with decreasing additional risk factors.

Before opting for an inclusive and integrated rehabilitation plan, it is important to know more about the acute phase. It primarily comprises of the cardiac rehabilitation’s initial stage. It begins immediately after the patient has suffered from a cardiac event.
This phase include –

  • Assessment for inpatient cardiac rehab program.
  •  Evaluation for exercise testing.
  •  Medical therapy.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Classifying risk of cardiac events during exercise.
  • Cardio pulmonary exercise training with monitoring, prescribing safe exercises which aid in improving mobility and overall cardiac fitness. Such exercises often entail self-care and range-of-motion exercises for patients.
  • As these rehab plans are inclusive and patient-centric, the involvement of family becomes mandatory. In this case, family members are educated about the patient’s condition, the probable benefits and risks of rehabilitative therapy.

Helping patients engage in activities which they can perform in regular life is a vital aspect of cardiac rehabilitation programs. Educating patients and their family also becomes important as they get to know about specific heart-related problems, exercises and activities. They are also educated about other aspects like risk factors, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and emergency planning.

Dr Anirudh Chirania