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Cardiac Rehabilitation Enables You To Perform Daily Activities

Heart surgery or acute coronary syndromes are life-altering events which can have a severe impact on you. It affects both the physical and mental aspects of your life. And once you reach the recuperation stage after the treatment, you would certainly want to get back to regular life.
However, resuming daily activities immediately after a serious cardiac problem can be a little difficult. This is because a number of other diseases and factors exist in a patient which determines the resumption of physical activities. These are –
• Severity of the heart problem
• Type of the treatment process
• Age of the person affected
Creating a guided rehab program by physiatrist can be easy if they are familiar with the patient’s history. They will also advise you to participate in certain monitored and graded physical activities which will enable easy recovery.
Here are a few benefits as to how supervised cardiac rehabilitation Center makes physical activities simple for you –
1. While undergoing the rehab program, early resumption of daily activities becomes possible. Hence, the patient is able to return to professional and personal life in a short time as it lessens the total number of loss of productive work hours.
2. Such therapies alter the way you live your life. Standing straight and walking after a crippling chest injury or heart attack will no longer be difficult for you.
3. You will notice an overall improvement during the prognosis stage. It aids in decreasing the chances of further complications.
4. Your quality of life will improve and in the long term, it will also reduce the overall burden of the treatment.
5. Cardiac rehab further includes education of modifiable risk factors which can also help in decreasing risk factors.
You can always ask your family and friends to help you cope with the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of your condition. Cardiac rehab becomes crucial after a serious heart problem as it educates you about the risk factors, lifestyle changes and your heart’s condition.

Dr Anirudh Chirania