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ARMEO Therapy: A Brief Insight About The Working Of This Ergonomic Device

Regaining active movement and improving overall bodily function are some of the primary aspects of rehabilitation. Assisting patients in performing regular tasks with considerable ease is another important motive for rehab specialists. Such experts have to work with patients who might have suffered from a road accident or a slip and fall incident.

Such accidents can have an immense impact on their brain or spine and can even lead to some other complex neurological condition. Most incidents also impact the upper extremities of patients and for this reason, rehabilitation becomes an absolute necessity for them!

ARMEO therapy is one such effective tool that aids patients in improving the function and movement of their arms and hands. Interestingly, the exercises in this equipment are self-directed and self-initiated.

What is ARMEO?

This equipment is essentially a rehabilitation exoskeleton which provides intensive arm rehabilitation to patients. These patients might have difficulty in moving their arms or hands actively because of a neurological injury or disorder.

With this advanced equipment, patients can practice movement and activities essential for their daily life and therapy progress. Research by experts also indicates that ARMEO Therapy aids in better and faster recovery of upper extremities when compared to routine therapy.

The ideal device for patients  

The technologically high-end equipment of ARMEO has been designed keeping in mind the patient’s requirements. It is the perfect device for patients who have been affected with:

Mechanisms of the equipment

ARMEO Therapy enables neuroplasticity in the patient’s early stage of recovery. It helps patients in carrying out arm movements which might be difficult for them, in general. The prime aim of this therapeutic device it to restore and maintain motor skills of the patient’s affected arm. The device further enables task-specific, high-intensity and active movement training. It further supports self-directed, intensive and functional movement therapy so that impaired patients can easily and independently practice the device’s directives.

The beneficial aspects  

  • ARMEO therapy ensures high-intensive therapy for affected patients along with enabling early recovery.
  • Encourages patients by providing performance feedbacks and appropriate exercises for hand and arm training.
  • Enables independent training of hand and arm along with motivating self-initiated, functional movement therapy.

Ensuring that patients can perform activities of daily living which can be as simple as holding a fork, writing with a pen, is the chief goal of ApoKOS Rehab specialists. With the technologically advanced, ergonomic exoskeleton named ARMEO Therapy, physiatrists can check the progress of patients. The presence of this device at the rehab center makes a huge difference to the patients as it presents continual assessment and objective analysis of their condition along with ensuring their speedy recovery.

Dr Anirudh Chirania