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World class post hospitalization rehab services

ApoKOS – Who are we and what do we offer?

With a vision and goal to help people regain their independence- ApoKOS is a joint venture between
Apollo, Asia’s largest medical caregiver and KOS group from Italy. KOS group emphasizes on social
health and an advanced support system in healthcare. Equipped with their experience in caregiving
and providing support, ApoKos nurtures the patients and helps them in regaining normalcy.
ApoKOS ensures quality care to their patients and provides the patient with proper rehabilitation
facilities. With a vision to provide post-surgery care and rehabilitation services, and a nurturing
hand, ApoKOS is redefining standards of world-class rehabilitation care.
At ApoKOS we offer numerous programs and cover a wide range of health rehabilitation specialities.
Our programs are comprehensive and wholesome, they are:
Neurological Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Pediatric Rehabilitation
Geriatric Rehabilitation
All of these programs are accompanied by intensive therapy which helps the patient to become fully
functional. ApoKOS provides a trustworthy, supportive and an empowering environment which
helps these patients believe in themselves and to recover at a faster rate.
With a wide range of therapies and cutting-edge technology here are a few therapies we provide:
Rehab Therapy:
This therapy is also known as physiotherapy. It comprises of a wide range of physical
exercises that helps in regaining strength. Advanced technologies and therapies such as
Manual Therapy, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Cardio-pulmonary
Rehabilitation, Robotics and Neuromuscular Pain Management with Electrotherapeutic
Therapy are used for treatment.
Occupational Therapy:
This therapy aims to promote the well-being of individuals. The patients are trained to
perform day-to-day tasks which helps them cope with the situation and gain mastery over
their lives. They basically re-learn how to live their lives.
Robotic Therapy:
To help the patient regain body balance and to re-learn basic motor skills, the usage of
robotic technology can be very fruitful.
o EKSO: This is a wearable suit that boosts strength, stamina, and mobility. Ekso is used to
initiate standing.
o ERIGO: This instrument is also used to assist standing, but bed-ridden patients. Erigo
gradually positions the patient in a vertical manner with the support of passive robotic

o ARMEO POWER: Armeo helps the patient gradually move their limbs and re-learn motor
o BALANCE MASTER: This instrument helps the patient stand up and trains them to develop a
balanced posture. With this, the patient will be able walk eventually without needing help.
– Speech and Swallow Therapy:
This therapy aims at the revival of the patient’s speech, understanding, voice coordination
and swallowing patterns. This therapy includes language therapy, non-vocal communication
therapy, voice training and fluency development as well.
Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy:
After a major surgery or stroke, patients usually go through impairment in cognitive abilities,
mood swings, anxiety, and inability to interact with other people. Cognitive and behaviour
therapy is a psychosocial method used to rectify the disorders in the patient.
With such a wide range of therapies being offered under one roof and round-the-clock medical
supervision, ApoKOS is a world-class rehabilitation centre. Explore more: https://apokosrehab.com/