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A guide to understand Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation aids a person to get hold of their life back to the optimum. Rehab can assist one in more than one aspect, taking into account their physical, emotional and social sense. Retrieving from a stroke can be a strenuous process requiring patience, hard work, commitment and most importantly, professional care.

How does a stroke rehabilitation centre work?

Stroke rehabilitation centres have multidisciplinary approaches, depending on different body types, comorbidities  and the kind of impairment that has been caused by the stroke. 

Physical activities include:

  • Motor-skill exercises. These exercises are designed to improve muscle strength and coordination.
  • ADLs Training. A occupational therapist trains the patients in performing activities of daily living independently. 
  • Mobility training. A person might be trained to use mobility aids, such as a walker, canes, wheelchair if need be. 

Technology-assisted physical activities might include:

  • Functional electrical stimulation. Electricity is applied to weakened muscles for strengthening
  • Robotic training. Robotic machines are used for precise ,repetitive and more efficient movements.

Cognitive and emotional activities might include:

  • Therapy for cognitive disorders. Psychologist ,Occupational therapy and speech therapy can together assist in recovering from the loss of cognitive abilities, such as memory, processing, problem-solving, social skills, judgment and safety awareness.
  • Behaviour therapy. Cognitive behaviour therapy helps the patient and family members to deal with the behavioural issues that may creep in because of stroke.

Swallow therapy. Swallow therapy helps in improving swallow and helps the patient in taking food orally and minimising the risk of aspiration pneumonia as well as taking adequate nutrition.

Speech Therapy. Helps the patient in regaining communication and speech.

How long does a stroke rehabilitation program last?

The duration of a person’s stroke rehabilitation program depends on the severity of the stroke and related stumbling blocks. In some cases, recovery is swift but in the majority of the cases, long term rehabilitation is required for a deep-rooted treatment lasting anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Where does stroke rehabilitation take place?

It generally begins while the patient is in the hospital. Before he leaves, a dedicated team of hospital social workers and care team discuss the best rehabilitation with the person and the acquaintances. 

Some common options include:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation units.
  • Day care Rehab facilities
  • Outpatient units.
  • Home-based programs.

How successful is stroke rehabilitation

Nearly 10 percent of people who have a stroke recover almost instantly, with one-fourth recovering with slight disabilities. Whereas 40 percent experience average to extreme impairments that require special assistance. And 10 percent require long-term care in a nursing home or other facility. In general, successful stroke rehabilitation depends on physical factors, emotional factors, such as motivation to stick with rehabilitation activities, social factors, such as the support of friends and family and finally, therapeutic factors. Hence with a committed mind and positive heart, one can expect to see a considerable improvement in the post-stroke consequences resulting in a better and healthier life. 

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