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Apollo and KOS

ApoKos is a pioneering partnership between Apollo Hospitals, India and KOS Group, Italy.

Apollo Hospitals is India’s leading healthcare provider with over 10,000 beds across 61 hospitals, more than 1500 pharmacies, over 100 primary care & diagnostic clinics, 115 telemedicine units across 9 countries, among other healthcare services.

Apollo Hospitals opened its doors in 1983 and has, ever since, strived to bring healthcare of international standards to the doorstep of every individual. 30 years from that day, the Apollo Group has emerged as one of the largest integrated healthcare groups in the region, successfully catalyzing the private healthcare revolution in the country. Along the journey, Apollo has touched and enriched 42 million lives who came from 120 countries.

KOS is a frontrunner in the healthcare sector in Italy and has its footprints in the areas of social health, residential care for chronic illnesses, rehabilitation and mental health services, advanced medical technology and acute care medicine.

KOS was founded in 2003 and named after the birthplace of Hippocrates (an island named Kos in Greece), the father of modern medicine. The KOS Group aspires to create a unified centre of healthcare and social health. While innovation is the key to their success, what makes them their patient’s favourite is the provision of high-quality, personalised services. The three main sectors of their activities are Social Health, Healthcare and Advanced Medical Technology Management Services.

ApoKos brings on board the best of both Apollo and Kos. The two leading brands have joined their hands to create ApoKos. It aims to provide a conducive atmosphere with personalized attention to individual needs of its patients, helping them get back to life.