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Speech and swallow therapy

Speech and Swallow Therapy for Tracheostomy patients

A tracheostomy is a surgically created opening in the neck leading directly to the trachea. It involves creating an opening in the neck in order to place a tube into a person’s windpipe. The tube is inserted through a cut in the neck below the vocal cords. This allows air to enter the lungs which help to create a bypass in the airway to help the patient breathe easy. When a patient is under tracheostomy care, speech will be difficult until the time comes for a special tube to be placed which may allow talking by allowing the flow of air up to the vocal cords. When there is a prolonged requirement of tracheostomy treatment, speech and swallow therapy is a requirement for these patients. Due to prolonged tracheostomy care, there may be a few complications a patient might face such as: Infection Bleeding Airway obstruction Scarring of the airway Damage to the larynx (voice box) Impaired swallowing and vocal function Burns of the airway from inhalation of corrosive material Cancer in the neck Severe neck or mouth injuries Tumours A lot of these complications might cause the patient to rely on speech therapy for tracheostomy. What is Swallow therapy?...
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