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Tracheostamy Care

Tracheostomy care-What does it entail?

Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that is usually performed when the patient’s airway is obstructed or swollen and it becomes difficult for them to breathe. So, what exactly is a tracheostomy? An opening is made on the neck, through an incision, to gain access to the trachea. This surgical procedure allows direct access to the breathing tube and is commonly done in an operating room under general anesthesia. A tracheostomy may be permanent or temporary depending on a patient’s condition. It can be done in case of an emergency at the patient’s bedside or in an operating room. Most people need 1 to 3 days to adapt to breathing through a tracheostomy tube. It will take some time to learn how to communicate with others. When is tracheostomy considered? Here are a few reasons where a tracheostomy may be necessary: Obstruction in mouth or throat Swelling in trachea Difficulty in breathing Lung conditions Airway reconstruction after a tracheal surgery Impaired swallowing and vocal function Airway protection after a spinal or a head injury Long-term life support How is the tracheostomy tube inserted? It is a small tube inserted into the trachea to keep the stoma open. It is available in...
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Post-hospitalization rehabilitation – All you need to know

It is a common misconception that the hard part is over after a successful surgery. Not everyone is aware of the situation after the surgery. Post-surgery, the recovery process can be very demanding and grueling too. The idea that a patient may need rehabilitation post hospitalization and surgery may be very unfamiliar to some people. The concept of rehabilitation is quite unfathomable to a lot of the general masses. There is a lack of awareness on how essential rehabilitation is after post-hospitalization or surgery. After surgery or a trauma, when your mind tells you that it is time to return to your old routine, your body might not be ready to take on the pressure. It is very likely that you may need rehab to regain your strength. Why you need rehabilitation? Rehabilitation is required to help the body cope and recover post-surgery. Since surgery is a life-changing experience rehabilitation can be used to help you adapt to the change. Rehabilitation enables you to re-learn basic skills, for example, dressing up, walking, talking, and so on. And over a period of time, you will be able to attain normalcy. Though through rehabilitation you will be able to strengthen your body,...
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speech and swallow therapy


A stroke can be a life changing event, leaving patients bed-ridden, physically and mentally disabled. The treatment for stroke is more effective if the patient is admitted to the hospital immediately, without any delay. Hospitalisation and medical treatment alone are not sufficient for the patient to get back to normal. A rehabilitation programme is necessary for helping them regain their independence and become more functional. The most common outcomes of a stroke are slurred speech and difficulty in chewing or swallowing. Hence, a speech and swallow therapy is required to bring back the patient to normalcy. Speech and Swallow Therapy – What does it involve? A speech and swallow therapy is conducted on a patient who is not unable to communicate and consume food on their own. This programme is conducted regularly, to attain the best possible results. The processes involved in this therapy are: Cognitive training: This focuses on the receptiveness of the patient, which is the ability to understand the words of others trying to communicate with the patient. Cognitive training helps the patient resume communication with others effectively as they gain an understanding of the latter’s verbal as well as non-verbal speech. Language therapy: This is commonly...
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World class post hospitalization rehab services

ApoKOS – Who are we and what do we offer?

With a vision and goal to help people regain their independence- ApoKOS is a joint venture between Apollo, Asia’s largest medical caregiver and KOS group from Italy. KOS group emphasizes on social health and an advanced support system in healthcare. Equipped with their experience in caregiving and providing support, ApoKos nurtures the patients and helps them in regaining normalcy. ApoKOS ensures quality care to their patients and provides the patient with proper rehabilitation facilities. With a vision to provide post-surgery care and rehabilitation services, and a nurturing hand, ApoKOS is redefining standards of world-class rehabilitation care. At ApoKOS we offer numerous programs and cover a wide range of health rehabilitation specialities. Our programs are comprehensive and wholesome, they are: - Neurological Rehabilitation - Cardiac Rehabilitation - Orthopaedic Rehabilitation - Pediatric Rehabilitation - Geriatric Rehabilitation All of these programs are accompanied by intensive therapy which helps the patient to become fully functional. ApoKOS provides a trustworthy, supportive and an empowering environment which helps these patients believe in themselves and to recover at a faster rate. With a wide range of therapies and cutting-edge technology here are a few therapies we provide: - Rehab Therapy: This therapy is also known as physiotherapy....
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