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Get Comprehensive & integrated rehabilitation services of international standards for neurological, orthopaedic and other ailments.

Goal Oriented Physiatrist Directed Rehabilitation

A collaborative effort of Apollo Hospitals & KOS Group Italy

Advanced Robotic Rehabilitation Technology


Not every patient’s needs are the same. Realizing this, our neurorehabilitation specialists tailor individual treatment plans for the patients to reach their goals and also to improve their overall wellbeing. Achieving this calls for cross integration of multiple disciplines, with experts collaborating for one single goal, i.e. the patient’s reintegration with the society. The rehabilitation program is designed to help the patient regain mobility, reinstate balance and build strength. Patients are also provided training to compensate for deficits so as to resume daily activities with maximum independence. . . Read more 

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation program is ideal for patients who have sustained heart failures, heart attacks or undergone any heart related medical procedures, such as heart valve surgery or angioplasty. Our team of cardiac rehabilitation specialists aim at enhancing the cardiovascular health and function of the patients and improving exercise tolerance while managing further risks to their cardiovascular health. . . Read more

Orthopaedic rehabilitation is provided to patients who have undergone orthopaedic surgeries or have received acute care for orthopaedic injuries. Our team of orthopaedic rehabilitation specialists carry out a thorough initial assessment on the level of disabilities or deficits which shapes further prognosis for the rehabilitation of the patient. The rehabilitation care is targeted at maximizing the function of the patient by building strength, improving mobility and devising coping strategies for deficits experienced. . . Read more

The aim of giving rehabilitative care to children is to aid them overcome the developmental challenges they are facing and enable them to develop and flourish on par with their peers. Pediatric rehabilitation program is interdisciplinary in nature availing the expertise of a wide range of rehabilitation experts such as physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and psychiatrist. Another vital component of pediatric rehabilitation is creating an inclusive and caring environment for the children to learn and adapt to meet their developmental goals. . . Read more

Our team of geriatric rehabilitation specialists offer a comprehensive rehabilitative program for the elderly aimed at meeting the goal of enabling them to live a life that is as independent as possible. Geriatric rehabilitation includes physical therapy, speech and swallow therapy, pain management and reinstating balance, along with a wide range of allied therapies. . . Read more

Why ApoKOS

Meet the director of ApoKos, Dr. Antonello Morgantini. He explains to us why ApoKos stands out in terms of rehabilitation services and the different procedures that are used by therapists to treat the patients. Here, at ApoKos, you receive a holistic treatment from expert therapists and counsellors, who help you regain the maximum possible independence so that you can live with dignity once again! Highly technical equipments and caring staff make ApoKos the perfect place to visit for redeeming a healthy life.

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physio rehab


Rehab physiotherapy aims at improving the functional abilities, mobility and strength along with the overall. . .

Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy focuses on specific activities the patient might encounter in his everyday life and provides. . .

Robotic technology


Keeping pace with the latest developments in rehabilitative technology, ApoKos employs a wide array of cutting. . .

speech delay

Speech and
Swallow Therapy

Speech and Swallow Therapy addresses the difficulties the patient might be facing in communication, cognition, voice. . .

Speech and Swallow Therapy

Cognitive and
Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a psycho social intervention that uses evidence-based practice for treating mental. . .


Medical management is concerned with managing open wounds sustained by the patient as a result of trauma. . .